Collaboration with FTP

In a fansub group, multiple users will need to be able to access and modify a myriad of files. An easy and straightforward way to do this would be by setting up an FTP server. This makes it easy for users to share their files privately, as well as make bigger files easy to find and download by the right people.

FTP setups are very common in fansubbing for this exact reason. An FTP servers offers an easy place for translators and typesetters to upload their subtitle files, as well as for encoders to upload their premuxes or grab source files from.

Setting Up an FTP

TODO: Describe how to set up a basic FTP server, make it connectable, etc.

Folder Structure

TODO: Describe reasonable

Avoiding Filename Conflicts



TODO: Security measures you can take to prevent someone from wrecking your FTP. Things like user accounts, restricting access per user or group, etc.